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Birth Injury Lawyers Parsippany, NJ

The NJ Injury Guys Parsippany, NJ law firm is staffed with experienced birth injury lawyers who fight aggressively for our clients to obtain justice and compensation. Our local injury attorneys handle many types of lawsuits for accidents such as dog bites, car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice cases, and many other personal injuries.

Our law firm established the Parsippany location to serve clients in Boonton, Rolling Acres, Lake Hiawatha, Mountain Lakes, Rockaway Valley, Powerville, Parsippany, Troy Hills, Denville, and Pine Brook, NJ. Get a free consultation today.

Are All Birth Injuries Medical Malpractice?

No, not all birth injuries are medical malpractice. Some birth injuries are unavoidable and result from natural complications during pregnancy or delivery. In these cases, it is impossible to hold a healthcare provider liable for any damages or losses incurred due to the injury.

However, some birth injuries may be considered medical malpractice. During childbirth, both mother and baby should receive appropriate care at all times to avoid potential harm. If a healthcare provider fails to provide such care and a resulting injury occurs, they may be held liable for medical malpractice.

It’s important to note that even where medical malpractice is suspected as the cause of a birth injury, proving it can be difficult and requires expert legal knowledge. Therefore if you believe your child suffered an avoidable birth injury that was caused by medical negligence, then its best to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney who can help you understand your legal options and fight for your rights in court.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help With a Birth Injury

A qualified medical malpractice attorney will review all relevant documents and records related to the birth injury in order to determine if negligence played a factor in causing it. They will also assess the case to see if the standard of care was met by each medical professional involved in delivering your child. If negligence is found or the medical practitioner failed to provide reasonable care, then you may have grounds for pursuing a legal claim.

Your attorney will use their deep knowledge of medical laws and understanding of how such cases typically unfold in court to build convincing arguments that show why you should receive compensation for your birth injury lawsuit settlement. Of course, they will also work hard to negotiate fair settlements outside the court so that you don’t have to endure lengthy litigation proceedings if possible.

No matter what route is taken with your case, having an experienced professional on your side providing consistent guidance is invaluable when filing a medical malpractice claim due to birth injuries. You cannot go wrong by working with an established lawyer who has handled similar cases before and who can ensure that all paperwork is filed properly so that you get what you deserve from seeking justice after suffering such an ordeal.

If you or your partner gave birth to your child and believe medical negligence or medical malpractice caused a birth injury, then call our Parsippany-Troy Hills law office today for a free case evaluation by our birth injury litigation team.

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Birth Injury Lawyers Parsippany, NJ NJ Injury Guys Medical Lawyers 2022, medical malpractice

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