Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Andrew Tate’s New Lawyer on Piers Morgan 2022

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Criminal Lawyer Bruce Rivers Reacts to Andrew Tate’s New Lawyer on Piers Morgan



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10 thoughts on “Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Andrew Tate’s New Lawyer on Piers Morgan 2022”
  1. To be fair, just because someone likes Andrew Tate, doesn’t make them an incel (involuntarily celibate).

  2. Tina! Inhumane jail cell Puhleez what about the women and how those brothers treated them. Keep him in jail. They need to charge them

  3. The Romanian legal system is a bit different from the American I am afraid, so they keep him detained up to 180 days even he hasn’t been charged yet

  4. Whether the court finds Tate guilty or not, anyone with a moral conscience is going to be disappointed if he walks away from all of this unpunished either in law or in his career. At the very least, he is a despicable human being by virtue of his media presentations alone, and a horrific, dangerous influencer on younger men.

  5. If you move to a country to avoid legal trouble but then don’t learn the legal system, whatever it may be, of the country you’re moving to, you deserve what’s coming.

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