Fiduciary Duty Explained | Family Law Attorney in Family Law, family law attorney 2022

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Disclaimer –
I am a California attorney, primarily focusing on family law issues.

The information provided in this series of videos is to be considered general in nature and is not intended to be specific advice or recommendations for your particular situation.

I am not licensed in any other state, other than the state of California. Laws, rules and concepts discussed herein may or may not be applicable to your particular state.

Nothing in this presentation is intended to create or promote an attorney client relationship between the attorney and a viewer of this video.

An understanding of the law will not by itself be a complete path to prevailing in your case. A family law judge is charged with applying the law to facts and those facts are what usually leads a judge to his or her decision.

Statutes, Rules and Cases that may be cited should only be used with your own individual and particular facts, facts which may or may not be considered here, on this YouTube presentation. For specific legal advice please consult your own attorney.

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For Attorney Frank Ali, the founder of Law Offices of Frank F. Ali, practicing law allows him to serve his clients and provide solutions to their cases. He focuses on delivering resolution at an affordable price, and is able to take further legal action if it is necessary in a case.

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Fiduciary Duty Explained | Family Law women lawyers, Attorney in Family Law 2022

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