Marriage, Divorce, Green Cards! Immigration Issues in Family Law Attorney in Family Law, family law attorney 2022

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What happens to foreign national’s immigration status when they marry a U.S. Citizen? Does it matter when and where they got married? When can they start working? What happens if they later get a divorce? How are custody issues affected? What about when both spouses are here on non-immigrant/work visas? What happens to the spouse with derivative status?

Come learn about the red flags that family attorneys need to be aware of and the potential family law issues that immigration lawyers need to navigate when getting their clients through USCIS.

Jinna Kang, Partner, Enenstein, Pham & Glass, LLP
David Raft, Senior Supervising Attorney, Global Immigration Partners

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Marriage, Divorce, Green Cards! Immigration Issues in Family Law women lawyers, Attorney in Family Law 2022

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